Forchhammer lab

Forchhammer lab

Regulation of glycogen metabolism in response to the autotrophy-heterotrophy switch in Cyanobacteria

Glycogen is the major carbon-storage compound in cyanobacteria and its metabolism is central for metabolic homeostasis and essential to survive periods of darkness or macronutrient deprivation such as nitrogen starvation. In Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 glycogen synthesis and degradation involves a set of paralogous enzymes, which have apparently distinct functional roles1 and involves specific catabolic pathways2. A key for the initiation of glycogen synthesis is the inhibition of phophoglycerate mutase by the PII-controlled PirC protein3. Conversely, mobilization of glycogen upon resuscitation form nitrogen chlorosis is triggered by ongoing GS-GOGAT cycle4, which activates the glycogen catabolic machinery. Thereby, phosphoglucomutase acts as key metabolic valve that controls the catabolism of glycogen5.

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