Central and service project

Central and service project

Central administration, data management and proteomics services

As a central element of the SCyCode consortium, the Z-project provides a platform for administration, communication and data management within the consortium and with external partners. In addition, proteomics services are provided by the Maček lab to all members of the consortium as an extensively required technology in a broad range of projects.

A state-of-the-art data management infrastructure ensures data deposit and accessibility for all project members. Reliable data storage for large scale -omics datasets is provided by decentralized cloud-based services provided by the University of Tübingen.


Prof. Karl Forchhammer | © Karl Forchhammer

Prof. Karl Forchhammer


Dr. Sofia Doello | © Sofia Doello

Dr. Sofia Doello


Prof. Boris Maček | © Boris Maček

Prof. Boris Maček


Dr. Philipp Spät | © Philipp Spät

Dr. Philipp Spät